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CH3 Page 20


January 25th, 2019, 10:00 am

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First Panel: "Wried" *Weird

Also: He's 26 w**?!
@VadanDrumist: HA! Yes. Manic is based off me, and I was 26 when I wrote this. I am 27 now. But there are reasons for things like, still living with your mom at 27, those may be, being mentally unstable, and unable to go to school or get a job. These things can be common in autistic subjects. In all of these ways Manic's age shouldn't be unrealistic or an unheard of thing. This is not the story of a child growing up with strange powers and living their childhood as an oddity. Because kids with autism already feel like that. This is a story of a grown adult whose already learned what life will be like for them in their mental state. But who gets to have an opportunity as a hero, and bring their insight into that dimension of the world by sharing perspectives others can't see, and seeing perspectives that others had seen for themselves -for the first time. .... I was just working on chapter 6 sketch so all these concepts are in my head... Hehe... But Im rambling now so yeah...
@Mars714: Well no it's not surprising in that way (give me a few years, and I'll probably be in the same boat). It's the fact that he's able to pass as a youngster despite being 26 years old.

Also: Giving away your age? It'll be even more surprising if he manages to keep his identity hidden for longer than a month.
26?! That's one year above me!

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