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Ch2 Page 5


October 12th, 2018, 10:00 am

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So... could you explain the disability tied to A: Manic’s scarf (thought it was related to his Autism, but that gets a different power for each individual, and another character also has a scarf). B: Manic’s glasses (or: why Manic has glasses and others have literally four eyes). C: Manic’s fur (could be an artistic choice, but I saw another furred character so thought it would be better not to assume).
@VadanDrumist: A) the scarf is actually a symbol of depression, as people with autism often has traits of other disabilities mixed in. B) the Glasses are just glasses, there is actually a panel when they are not wearing them, (page 4 chapter 1) The characters with four eyes have such to represent another disability, OCD, to represent their attention to details others usually over look. C) the fur, tail and exaggerated ears are part of the autism trait. Others with Autism my have fur too, or may only have exaggerated ears, or only a tail, or only exaggerated ears and a tail. The fur, ears and tail will always be different in color and appearance for each person who has them. IDK if you've seen the Flash game I made of various examples of some of the disabilities that appear in the comic. I put the link under the bonus content page, but here it is again: https://www.deviantart.com/mars714/art/Comic-Character-Desinger-Game-748754346 Anyway the point behind these changes is that people with autism experience the world in a way that is so different from most people their actions and personality is almost of another species/alien to others. It is a very noticeable trait, the only one that even come close to leaving the same impact on others is depression, which makes audible complaints. Hummm... I should make a page cataloging the disabilities we've seen in the comic so far...
@Mars714: The amount of thought that went into all of this is spectacular!
@TerrytheTeryx: Haha thanks, and well, this is like my, .... .... lets say 5th well established plot heavy comic that I'm actually putting effort into.... I've done a ton of other comics on this site and off, some that never made it online at all! I've been fine tuning the art of storytelling for years, and I'm sure its still not totally flawless, but world building is something I'm a natural at. So remember it may be complex and cool, but until I find my story telling formula, I've got no lead into the world of comics... My story telling powers are yours, (the readers) to judge. So I hope I can make a compelling story.... Let me know how its going every few pages! Any questions I will answer!

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