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Ch1 Page 23


October 2nd, 2018, 9:00 am

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It is times like this when we could use the internal monologue to know why Manic does what he is doing. Logic dictates that the heroes on the field should be enough, but perhaps Manic has a lack of faith in their abilities? The CHS (Chronic Hero Syndrome) usually takes longer to set in for those who start off powerless/normal.
@VadanDrumist: hummm.... True! but that internal monologue would probably be a bit dark at this point, I'd hate to say it but the bottom line is Manic has just learned they have powers, and although they have a good heart, and want to help people, their view of doing so is that its a dangerous job. One that ether you survive the each gig and move on or you die on the first. And at this point they're life sucks so much they're willing to risk that.
Dark monologue is fine. Heck in some situations it’s preferable. Now that we know this we can understand just how bad Manic thinks his life is. It adds a whole new perspective that we just wouldn’t know as is. Thanks for giving the insight by the way.

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