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Ch1 Page 7


September 16th, 2018, 10:00 am

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Music eh? My peace of mind was through books, but I’d imagine a constant companion making disparaging comments would be too distracting for such a method.
@VadanDrumist: Heh, I'd would have though someone with Drumist in there user name wouldn't mind music? I like books too, well comic books, I don't much care for novels anymore... but in any case I hope you don't mind music since I aim to have at least one song in every issue. Sometimes short, sometimes long.
I absolutely love this comic ️ The art and story so far are a dazzle, and I get really excited when I see that you updated in my notifications! Keep up the amazing work!
@Scribeteller: AW thanks! I have updates scheduled up till the start of November, and another chapter still to upload. However if making the next chapter is anything like the annoyance I went though with the latest I made, IDK if it will be done in time to accommodate the page a day schedule. Chapters One and Two are logged for page a day, but three may have to be page a week...
@Mars714: If you ever need some help getting em out in time, I could help with coloring and lineart! Just lemme know ^^
Worry not for while I favor stories music is a close second in terms of entertainment. My name is my character from the first time I played a tabletop rpg (Dungeons & Dragons).

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