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September 9th, 2018, 10:00 am

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A story about literal disability superpowers. As a person who both loves the superhero genre, and has a disability (asphergers) this may be very interesting.
@VadanDrumist: Thanks for your friendly comment! This comic is also posted by me, (the author) in three other online locations, all of witch are more current, as of now. Smack Jeeves was going to receive a page a week, but I just bumped it up a page a day, Since I have the pages for at least two months worth. Issue one and two are out on Tumblr and the site, Issue one on Tapas. There is some bonus content flowing out there I need to manage too... Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comic!
You go you funky little comic artist. You make this fantastic comic and u be proud.
hell yeah
@Inkiethecrow: Hell Yeah!

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