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Ch6 Page 7

Welcome to Manic! Autistic Superhero!

In Manic! Autistic Superhero! Characters wear there disabilities right out for the world to see, but that doesn't make them any less discriminated. Even though disabilities become physical traits in this world, (such as depression becoming a strangling scarf who speaks you depressive and aggressive thoughts) They aren't all obvious or easily brushed off. Autism appears differently for every person, and can appear slightly or very extremely. Other disabilities only appear sometimes, arthritis and diabetes are only visible when they become a problem. Manic! Autistic Superhero! ..is a comic based off my real life! ... Okay so some parts are made up... I don't have super powers, But I do have incredible insight for a person with autism... I'm Maya A. R. Stringer and I Chose to being this comic, the drawing, writing, and storyline at a very dramatic point in my life. Thing are crazy but they may get better, however given the state of the world, It could get worse. This comic is about my life but its also about dealing with not understanding things that others do. Its about seeing things though the eyes of someone who sees things in a different way...


Chapter 6 uploaded!

OMG have not slept, but that's normal, (AGH) Anyway, I have finally drawn, colored, and added text for chapter 6! One day before chapter 5 runs out! new record! The Queue now runs till the end of December! Ive got the next 2 and a half chapters after 6 scripted, but Im visiting my father in November, so IDK how soon the next chapter will be uploaded, or if the pages will be premiering more frequently, for now we're staying on the twice a week page schedule.

Any way hope you enjoy the next plot heavy chapter!
Mars714, September 19th, 2019, 4:03 pm 0 comments

New comics on the rush, Final pages unfinished

Okay you guys should know Ive hated making you wait... SO despite having not colored all the panels, Im scheduling the pages that do have colored art. I rushed together the words on them, but that's not nearly as hard as the art. (okay I ALWAYS make mistakes with grammar and spelling but, this isn't print)

So by the time the 8 pages and cover have premiered, I should have finished the remaining pages....

Well, starting tomorrow, the Monday, Friday updates continue. I just hate to make you wait when its so close to being done! I usually release the entire Chapter on Tapas and Tumblr first, but since this venue can monitor traffic, I really want to see those numbers, that proof that there are readers.

Am I rambling? I feel like I'm rambling? I'll post another news post when I finish the chapter and it goes up on Tapas.
Mars714, June 17th, 2019, 1:15 am 0 comments

Schedule fulled to May! + status

Yo yo yo! I feel so awesome! I spent all night finishing the final of chapter 4! The final page of which will premiere on the 24th of May(oops I got the date wrong on first update) ! For those of you who like reading the whole chapter at once, (as long as you don't spoil for others) The tapas site will receive the full chapter much sooner, It will also be officially premiered on Tumblr as usual, and perhaps Twitter as I've been using it more.

As for me, I was, surprisingly enough diagnosed with mild Bipolar 2 as a side thing of my autism. I'm not going to change the character, (they already glow sometimes...) However this does help explain the severeness of my depression at times and my ability to switch moods so easily depending on circumstance.

Right now I think my meds are working okay, I have a good mood most times, but my sleep is defiantly erratic.

Anyway, I've finished the sketch of CH 5 and I'm on it! Just need to get the scans or photos of the sketches to start the steps. But I may be taking short breaks now and then, I do have a few other projects in the works. Having lots of stuff to switch between is fun! Other of my projects include: My animation channel on YT, My RPG maker game, My Etsy business selling costumes, plushies, and trinkets, and My very... neglected Patreon. ... eh... You can see WIPs of the comic there.

Here are links to all the stuff I just said.


Also, here are my Tumblr and Twitter links!


and lastly a link to the Tapas:


Until next time! Thanks for all your comments guys! If I don't reply its because I think my answer will be too long or will give away stuff, or I'm just consumed with life.
Mars714, January 18th, 2019, 6:15 pm 0 comments

Update Schedule

Hello all! Quick update! To avoid a burnout, Im updating the schedule! that way there are no breaks but I can keep working at a pace that keeps me interested and motivated, without making seem stale and tasteless. Like something at a discount bakery. Anyway, For the rest of chapter Two you will see Monday, Wednesday and Friday updates. Then for chapter three I will update on Monday and Friday only. Okay! Any questions ask me!
Mars714, October 24th, 2018, 3:27 am 0 comments

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